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Looking for a rewarding career in technology while helping deliver best-in-class health sciences education to some of the top institutions in the world? Elentra is the place for you.

We will be posting additional positions soon. Check back often.

Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for turning our user interface and experience designs into reality, develop the APIs that drive them, and set up the server infrastructure to deliver them. Beyond the code, senior developers will collaborate closely with others including product managers, designers, and QA. Your ideas and perspectives are essential to making sure we are building the right things in the right way.

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Test Engineer

As a software test engineer, you will be responsible for evaluating software functions through designing test protocols and test automation.

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Product Owner

We're looking for a Product Owner to join our product team! The ideal person is a motivated and results-driven individual who is looking to join an early stage SaaS B2B company and help us drive growth and innovation.

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