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Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform

Within Elentra, learners, faculty and staff have all the tools required to consume, deliver and administer their educational programming; a single solution for all your educational needs. Elentra’s feature set and flexibility ensures even the most complex requirements can be met supporting learners anywhere, anytime with a consistent experience.

Curriculum Mapping

Elentra allows educators to easily align their curriculum with accreditation standards and learning objectives. This powerful tool enables them to create and manage comprehensive, interactive maps of their curriculum, including the ability to track progress, identify gaps, and measure student outcomes.

The Curriculum Mapping feature set includes:

  • Curriculum tag management
  • Curriculum tag mapping
  • Curriculum searching
  • Curriculum reporting

Curriculum Search

Whether you are leadership attempting to answer a question about how much a specific topic is taught or you are a learner studying for an exam; find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the Curriculum Search.

Curriculum Explorer

Explore your curriculum like never before! Thanks to the Curriculum Explorer you are able to demonstrate exactly where, when and how something is taught and assessed.

Curriculum Matrix

It has never been easier to understand if a curriculum objective is under or over-represented. The Curriculum Matrix makes it quick and easy to review which courses are responsible for teaching which parts of your curriculum.

Elentra Analytics

Data-driven decision making: Analytics can provide educators with data-driven insights that can inform instructional strategies and help them make informed decisions about curriculum design, assessment methods, and other aspects of the medical education process.

Assessment & Evaluation

Our Assessment & Evaluation module supports a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended, as well as the ability to provide detailed feedback to students.

Educators can easily design and administer assessments that align with accreditation standards and learning objectives, and use the data to identify areas where students may need additional support.

Learn more about our assessment and evaluation features

Clinical Rotation Schedules

Elentra streamlines the process of organizing and managing clinical rotations for learners. With this feature, clinical coordinators can easily schedule and manage students’ rotations at various healthcare facilities. Elentra also boasts a leading edge lottery system that builds rotation schedules for you.


Elentra enables educators to confidently demonstrate the quality of their program to accrediting bodies by aligning the curriculum with accreditation standards and learning objectives, tracking student outcomes, preparing for accreditation site visits, and documenting compliance with accreditation requirements.

Using Elentra to deliver your curriculum will not only make your accreditation process easier it will reduce risk and save your institution time and money.

Learn more about how we make accreditation easier

Learning Events

Create and schedule events, invite attendees, and track attendance. Allow students to view their own schedule of events and receive reminders about upcoming activities. Ensure that students are receiving the highest quality education possible.

Location & Instructor Management

Manage and track the clinical sites and preceptors your institution schedules clinical rotations with. Track instructor credentials and that agreements between your institution and sites and preceptors are up-to-date.


Allows students to create entries for each clinical rotation, document patient encounters, and record procedures and other activities. It also allows students to include notes and observations, and to receive feedback and evaluations from their supervisors.


Create and administer online exams, including proctored exams. Build a question bank so that analysis may be done at the question level. Design and administer exams that align with accreditation standards and learning objectives, and use the data to identify areas where students may need additional support.

Learning Management System (LMS)

In addition to all of the features that make Elentra the end-to-end solution, we also provide users with the powerful LMS features you need and come to expect. The Learning Management System feature set includes:

  • Intuitive course management
  • Powerful roles and permissions
  • Flexible group management
  • Communication hub
  • Modern discussion forums
  • Course websites
  • Gradebook
  • Online quizzes
  • Clinical encounter and procedure logging
  • Course and program evaluations
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Observership management

Competency-Based Education

Design and deliver a curriculum that is based on the demonstration of specific competencies, rather than seat-time or credit hours. Map competencies to the curriculum, track student progress, and evaluate student performance.

Learner ePortfolio

The facilitated ePortfolio module allows users to create and maintain a folder-based document and personal reflection repository that can be used to track and document a learner’s progression. Documents and personal reflections, known as artifacts, can be configured to have submission guidelines, due dates and even have designated reviewers who can initiate online discussions with the learner or flag artifacts of concern for later review. In addition to our reviewer functionality, learner ePortfolios can be marked inline within the Gradebook.


Elentra gives users of all permission levels the ability to create dynamic communities (collaborative spaces) and study groups that can by organized into custom categories. Our secure communities support the following:

  • Discussion forums
  • Document sharing
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Photo galleries
  • Surveys, voting, and polling

Instructor Annual Reporting

Elentra automatically populates the Learning Events each faculty member was associated with into their Annual Report. Instructors can also self-report specific activities that are not captured elsewhere in Elentra such as research, on-going professional learning, and participation in faculty development. Built into every instructor’s Elentra profile is the ability to enter and record publication and presentation accomplishments. These publications are automatically fed into the Annual Report while also creating a repository of publications for that instructor, their department, and the organization as a whole.

Smart UI

All interfaces within Elentra adopt our Smart UI ethos. This encompasses a user-centric approach to design and usability ensuring everyone using Elentra whether it’s your students interacting with it, or instructors administering a course within it, can concentrate on what they need to do with the technology enabling, not hindering, their experience.

Elentra Mobile App

Elentra’s mobile app enables students and faculty to view their learning event schedules and announcements. Users can also trigger and complete assessments and evaluations. Elentra’s powerful logbook functionality is also available from within the mobile app.

The Elentra mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

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