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Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform

Within Elentra, learners, faculty and staff have all the tools required to consume, deliver and administer their educational programming; a single solution for all your educational needs. Elentra’s feature set and flexibility ensures even the most complex requirements can be met supporting learners anywhere, anytime with a consistent experience.

Curriculum Mapping and Reporting

Curriculum mapping is a key component within Elentra. It ensures curriculum management and reporting is efficient and robust. Supporting multiple hierarchical objectives and objective sets and reporting across them is essential for any professional school. The Curriculum Mapping and Reporting feature set includes:

  • Curriculum tag management
  • Curriculum tag mapping
  • Curriculum searching
  • Curriculum reporting

Curriculum Search

Whether you are leadership attempting to answer a question about how much a specific topic is taught or you are a learner studying for an exam; find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the Curriculum Search.

Curriculum Explorer

Explore your curriculum like never before! Thanks to the Curriculum Explorer you are able to demonstrate exactly where, when and how something is taught and assessed.

Curriculum Matrix

It has never been easier to understand if a curriculum objective is under or over-represented. The Curriculum Matrix makes it quick and easy to review which courses are responsible for teaching which parts of your curriculum.

Clinical Experience Scheduling

The Clinical Experience module within Elentra allows programs to schedule learners into both longitudinal and granular learning experiences. Whether you are looking to manually populate your schedule or want to leverage Elentra’s Lottery module to do so, the Clinical Experience module gives administrators the flexibility they need to ensure all learners get scheduled. An added bonus is that you can leverage this schedule to automate assessments & evaluations within Elentra.

Online Exam Delivery

Integrated natively with our curriculum management infrastructure, the exam module delivers high stakes, fully proctored and secured exams to learners directly within Elentra. Connected to the learning event schedule and Elentra’s reporting systems, the exam module replaces the need to maintain disparate products.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our assessment and evaluation module includes a suite of robust and flexible tools designed to support the unique needs of health sciences education. Assess learner performance in clinical and traditional learning environments and provide multiple user groups with the ability to evaluate faculty, courses, programs, and other learning activities within the context of your institution.

Our native integration with other Elentra modules helps to save time and resources by using the integrated clinical placement and learning event schedules to automate the delivery of assessment and evaluation tasks.

Learn more about our assessment and evaluation features

Learning Events

Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom as well as on the job. The powerful learning events module within Elentra provides a flexible engine to schedule, deliver and track learning anywhere, anytime no matter how big or small. Fully integrated with our curriculum mapping tools, users are able to track the smallest unit of measure to better understand learning paths.


Are you currently using a range of disparate systems to handle your accreditation process? Elentra is designed to support the most stringent accreditation requirements within one complete solution, removing the need to add redundant workflows or overburden your team.

Using Elentra to deliver your curriculum will not only make your accreditation process easier it will reduce risk and save your institution time and money.

Learn more about how we make accreditation easier

Learning Management System (LMS)

In addition to all of the features that make Elentra the end-to-end solution, we also provide users with the powerful LMS features you need and come to expect. The Learning Management System feature set includes:

  • Intuitive course management
  • Powerful roles and permissions
  • Flexible group management
  • Communication hub
  • Modern discussion forums
  • Course websites
  • Gradebook
  • Online quizzes
  • Clinical encounter and procedure logging
  • Course and program evaluations
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Observership management

Dynamic CBE

Our dynamic framework builder allows programs to explicitly define relationships within their curricula, enabling a robust set of educational tools. Whether employing one of many models of CBE or mapping national standards to specific course learning outcomes, Elentra’s ability to support complex data architectures facilitates the dynamic generation of specific assessment tools, customizable dashboards, relationship mapping, and meaningful reporting mechanisms.

The framework builder expands on our comprehensive CBME module, which allows medical programs to upload EPA and milestone frameworks, generating workplace-based assessment tools in real-time when a resident or faculty member triggers an assessment in the clinical environment.

Learn more about how our CBE features work

Data and Analytics

Data management and analytics are the foundation for understanding and predicting learner success. Elentra empowers institutions with deep insights into learner engagement and performance with its robust end-to-end solution. These insights impact all facets of teaching and learning and can be leveraged to identify strengths and weaknesses across learners, courses, or instructors, as well as facilitating curricular reform and development.

Smart UI

All interfaces within Elentra adopt our Smart UI ethos. This encompasses a user-centric approach to design and usability ensuring everyone using Elentra whether it’s your students interacting with it, or instructors administering a course within it, can concentrate on what they need to do with the technology enabling, not hindering, their experience.

Adaptive Learning Interventions (ALI)

Elentra Adaptive Learning Interventions (ALI) personalizes the learning experience and provides targeted support to ensure learners are successful at building their knowledge. ALI harnesses Elentra and its powerful Curriculum Tagging engine and pairs it with the Gradebook and Learning Object Repository to automatically deliver relevant resources and communication to learners as needed.


Elentra gives users of all permission levels the ability to create dynamic communities (collaborative spaces) and study groups that can by organized into custom categories. Our secure communities support the following:

  • Discussion forums
  • Document sharing
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Photo galleries
  • Surveys, voting, and polling

Learner ePortfolio

The facilitated ePortfolio module allows users to create and maintain a folder-based document and personal reflection repository that can be used to track and document a learner’s progression. Documents and personal reflections, known as artifacts, can be configured to have submission guidelines, due dates and even have designated reviewers who can initiate online discussions with the learner or flag artifacts of concern for later review. In addition to our reviewer functionality, learner ePortfolios can be marked inline within the Gradebook.

Instructor Annual Reporting

Elentra automatically populates the Learning Events each faculty member was associated with into their Annual Report. Instructors can also self-report specific activities that are not captured elsewhere in Elentra such as research, on-going professional learning, and participation in faculty development. Built into every instructor’s Elentra profile is the ability to enter and record publication and presentation accomplishments. These publications are automatically fed into the Annual Report while also creating a repository of publications for that instructor, their department, and the organization as a whole.

Elentra Mobile App

Elentra’s mobile app enables students and faculty to view their learning event schedules and announcements. Users can also trigger and complete assessments and evaluations. Elentra’s powerful logbook functionality is also available from within the mobile app.

The Elentra mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

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