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Curriculum Explorer

Easily map content and demonstrate the linkages between course objectives, competencies, and individual teaching sessions.

Curriculum Explorer within Elentra transparently shows exactly where, when, and how you teach and assess your learners, without needing to create external curriculum maps. Explore flat or hierarchical curriculum tag sets from a high level, or do a deep dive into a particular objective and see where it was taught and how.

Curriculum Search

The Curriculum Search allows you and your accreditors to freely search across all learning events within the system, whether or not they have been explicitly tagged, and view the associated resources, courses, or assessments used for that particular session. Apply optional filters for student cohorts, courses, or objective sets, or even search within the files and resources that were attached to the learning events.

Curriculum Matrix

Looking for a high-level overview to show that your courses are actually teaching the expected topics? Use the Curriculum Matrix to display how many times each objective was tagged across all courses.

Elentra also supports the ability to connect equivalent tag sets to streamline the reporting process for standardized curriculum inventories.

Accreditation Reporting

Elentra is a participating vendor of the AAMC Curriculum Inventory process and natively supports MedBiquitous standards.

  • Supporting more than 40% of the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) for CACMS
  • Allowing you to quickly and easily generate the AAMC curriculum inventory portal report required to upload to the curriculum inventory fully supporting the mapping of the Medbiquitous standards.
  • Linking between tag sets
  • Micro-learning events allowing you to truly understand where, when and how you teach and assess your learners
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