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Assessment & Evaluation Dashboards

Designed with the user in mind, Elentra makes it easy to manage your assessment and evaluation processes by providing tailored dashboards for different user types. The administrative assessment & evaluation dashboard allows administrators to easily create, review, and manage their program or course’s assessments, evaluations, distributions, forms, and reports: all from one interface.

The administrative dashboard also supports program oversight by including tabs for all outstanding, upcoming, or deleted tasks for faculty and learners under their purview, with the ability to send reminders or re-assign tasks. All users also have a user-specific assessment & evaluation dashboard that clearly identifies any outstanding tasks for the user to complete in addition to tasks that were already completed on them.


Easily design and deliver learner assessments using your own customized tools that map directly to your curriculum tag sets. Whether you are assessing performance in the clinical environment, gathering peer feedback, or setting up a quiz, our customizable form and item bank has you covered.

Elentra supports the ability for instructors to assess learners, as well as the ability for learners to perform self, peer, and small group assessments. From formative assessments to summative exams, Elentra provides a wide range of delivery options, including automated distributions, gradebook tasks, proctored/secured online exams, and on-demand workflows.


Within Elentra, learners are able to evaluate various aspects of your institution, including: courses, programs, learning experiences, events, and their instructors. Users are able to create and manage their own evaluation questions and forms or share standardized evaluation forms across a program.

Using the distribution system to automate the delivery of evaluations also allows for additional controls that stop evaluations from being released until certain criteria are met in order to protect the confidentiality of evaluators.


Easily track and manage student grades and performance. Input and track grades for assignments, exams, or assessments created through the Assessment & Evaluation module. Set up and manage grade scales, giving great flexibility for programs within the institution.

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