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Our Story

Where we came from

In 2004 Queen’s University School of Medicine needed a modern teaching and learning environment. However, nothing on the market met their accreditation driven requirements of knowing exactly where, when and how their curriculum was being taught and assessed. Elentra was born out of delivering that need.

A key focus of Elentra centred around our Curriculum Mapping and Management module which enables us to demonstrate exactly how our curriculum was being delivered and assessed. This revolutionary feature made other institutions take notice resulting in the Elentra consortium being set up.

Where we are now

After working within the Elentra Consortium for over a decade on creating a truly unified solution, providing schools with the ability to digitise the curriculum using one platform to drive efficiency, Elentra Cloud has been launched to provide the offering to non-consortium schools.

We recently added state of the art LMS capabilities as well as the ability to deliver Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME). Both additions have further enhanced Elentra’s focus as a modern, flexible, Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform.

The team

Photo of Marc Grandbois

Marc Grandbois

Senior Advisor to the CEO

Photo of Norm Paquette

Norm Paquette

Virtual CFO

Photo of Jesse Kahtava

Jesse Kahtava

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Photo of Leandro Rodrigues

Leandro Rodrigues

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Photo of Fred Turmel

Fred Turmel

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Paul Bilodeau

Paul Bilodeau

Software Engineer / Support Analyst

Photo of Carlos Torchia

Carlos Torchia

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Dave Meikle

Dave Meikle

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Andrew Trebble

Andrew Trebble

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of David Smith

David Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Joydip Deb

Joydip Deb

Software Engineer / Tier-1 Support

Photo of Bruno Braga

Bruno Braga

Software Engineer

Photo of Philip Lalonde

Philip Lalonde

Software Engineer

Photo of Marcio Chaves

Marcio Chaves

Software Engineer

Photo of Ming Yong

Ming Yong

Front End Software Engineer

Photo of Joe Pelow

Joe Pelow

UX/UI Developer

Photo of Irem Ozekes

Irem Ozekes

UX/UI Developer

Board of Directors

Photo of Greg Vanclief

Greg Vanclief

President & CEO

Greg is President and CEO of Elentra, and serves as a member of our Board of Directors.

As a tech industry veteran with more than 2 decades of experience and a passion for building successful companies, Greg brings extensive leadership and entrepreneurship skills to the company.  Over his career he has led and supported dozens of technology companies as executive, board member, mentor and investor.

Photo of Jim Roche

Jim Roche


Mr. Roche has extensive experience in managing companies, specifically related to technology and international business. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business executive with a strong track record of leading innovative companies. Mr. Roche’s principal occupation is President & CEO of Stratford Group, a company he founded in December 2008. Over his career, Mr. Roche has sat on numerous boards and committees. He is currently a corporate director on the boards of Ballard Power Systems as well as several private companies and community organizations.

Photo of John Sheridan

John Sheridan

Corporate Director

John Sheridan is a retired CEO and Corporate Director, currently engaged in Board, Community, and Charity roles.

Over his career, he has had broad operating experience and extensive corporate governance experience. He led companies in 3 different sectors (energy technology, communications, and media), as President & CEO of Ballard Power Systems, President & COO of Bell Canada, and President & CEO of Encom plc. He has been a director on numerous corporate boards including Actimedia, Aliant, Ballard Power Systems, Bell Canada, Dantherm Power, MTS, NewPage, and SunMedia.

He has also served in public leadership roles, as Governor of Ryerson University, Chair of the Toronto United Way Campaign, Chair of the UK Cable Communications Association, and Chair of the Canadian Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association.

Photo of Jane Philpott

Jane Philpott

Corporate Director

Dr. Jane Philpott is a Professor of Family Medicine, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Director of the School of Medicine at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She is CEO of the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization and serves as the Ministers’ Special Advisor for the Ontario Health Data Platform. Dr. Philpott is an outspoken advocate and writer about issues of health equity and social justice in health systems. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1984. She completed a Family Medicine residency at the University of Ottawa and a Tropical Medicine fellowship at the University of Toronto. She later earned her Master of Public Health from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. Dr. Philpott spent the first decade of her medical career in Niger, West Africa. In 1998, she moved to Stouffville, Ontario, where she served as a family physician for 17 years and as Chief of Family Medicine at Markham Stouffville Hospital. In 2015, Dr. Philpott was elected as the Member of Parliament for Markham-Stouffville. She served in numerous federal cabinet positions from 2015 to 2019, including Minister of Health, Minister of Indigenous Services, President of the Treasury Board, and Minister of Digital Government.

Photo of Denis Bourguignon

Denis Bourguignon

Chief Liaison Officer

Denis Bourguignon is the Chief Financial & Administrative Officer (CFAO) for the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. As CFAO, Mr. Bourguignon is responsible for the Faculty’s Information Technology Services and he is the Senior Administrator responsible for the Elentra Consortium.

In his capacity as Chief Liaison Officer, Mr. Bourguignon will work closely with the President & CEO of Elentra Corp to ensure coordination and collaboration between Queen’s University, the Elentra Consortium and Elentra Corp.

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