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Where We Came From

In 2004 Queen’s University School of Medicine needed a modern teaching and learning environment. However, nothing on the market met their accreditation driven requirements of knowing exactly where, when and how their curriculum was being taught and assessed. Elentra was born out of delivering that need.

A key focus of Elentra centred around our Curriculum Mapping and Management module which enables us to demonstrate exactly how our curriculum was being delivered and assessed. This revolutionary feature made other institutions take notice resulting in the Elentra consortium being set up.

Queen's Campus

Where We Are Now

After working within the Elentra Consortium for over a decade on creating a truly unified solution, providing schools with the ability to digitise the curriculum using one platform to drive efficiency, Elentra Cloud has been launched to provide the offering to non-consortium schools.

We recently added state of the art LMS capabilities as well as the ability to deliver Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME). Both additions have further enhanced Elentra’s focus as a modern, flexible, Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform.

Elentra Conference

Our Core Team

Photo of Andrew Dos-Santos
Andrew Dos-Santos

Director Elentra Cloud

Photo of Candace Miller
Candace Miller

Senior Implementation Lead

Photo of Dave Tosh
Dave Tosh

Associate Director Business Development

Photo of Mary Bouchard
Mary Bouchard

CBME Implementation Lead

Photo of Adrian Mellognio
Adrian Mellognio

Senior Web Developer

Photo of Alex Ash
Alex Ash

Web Developer

Photo of Fred Turmel
Fred Turmel

Integration Specialist

Photo of Grace Lin
Grace Lin

Web Developer

Photo of Jeremy Tan
Jeremy Tan

Web Developer

Photo of Joe Pelow
Joe Pelow

UI/UX Designer

Photo of Josh Belanger
Josh Belanger

Web Developer

Photo of Josh Dillon
Josh Dillon

Senior Web Developer

Photo of Mafdy Bebawe
Mafdy Bebawe


Photo of Paul Bilodeau
Paul Bilodeau

Web Developer

Photo of Steve Kempf
Steve Kempf

Web Developer

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