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Making sure it all fits together, right

"My role," explains Dave Meikle, Elentra's Application Architect, "is to make sure that when we are developing our software, the folks doing the actual writing of software have all the information they need to ensure all the components connect and function properly."

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Why I chose Elentra

Find out why Elentra is where you can make a positive social impact and grow professionally while maintaining an outstanding work/life balance.

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At Elentra, our customers’ success is our success

Educating health science professionals is a “high stakes” industry, says Elentra’s Director of Implementation and Customer Success Emily Clark. She sees establishing and maintaining a direct one-on-one relationship with clients as essential.

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Elentra leads the industry in curriculum mapping

From the beginning Elentra’s curriculum mapping capabilities pushed the envelope. The platform takes an enormous amount of data and maps it, capturing practically everything connected to curriculum a student or faculty member could need to know.

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Elentra renews AAMC curriculum inventory certification

Elentra is pleased to announce that we have received our certification under the Association of American Medical Colleges’ curriculum inventory agreement as a participating vendor for the period of 2022-2026. We are proud to continue to assist our clients in their accreditation submissions.

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Elentra Welcomes David Smith

David worked as a developer in several industries, including Real Estate and public libraries, before joining Queen’s University’s Faculty of Health Sciences education technology unit.

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Introducing Anthony Roggeveen

A recurring feature where we post Q & As with members of the Elentra team. Today we meet Anthony Roggeveen, Elentra’s recently appointed Director, Solution Integration.

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On Course, and On Target

A message from Elentra CEO Denis Bourguignon, MBA, CPA, CGA: Elentra is emerging from a period of significant change after leaving our home at Queen's University's Faculty of Health Sciences and becoming a free-standing corporation.

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Audience Response System

We are now piloting our new Audience Response System within Elentra. The new module allows instructors to engage with their learners through real-time polling.

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New Framework Builder

Our dynamic framework builder allows programs to explicitly define relationships within their curricula, enabling a robust educational toolset.

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Rich Integration With Mediasite

Integrating Mediasite into Elentra gives users instant access to course video within learning events. Elentra’s clean, modern interface with streamlined workflows lets faculty and students launch Mediasite captured lectures directly within Elentra.

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