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Elentra Partners with Turnitin to Support Academic Integrity in Healthcare Education

Students and educators using Elentra now have access to Turnitin to ensure academic integrity

Elentra and Turnitin partnered to help future healthcare professionals and academics in related fields ensure the originality of their written work. Elentra users gained access to Turnitin Similarity in July and can now benefit from protection against potential plagiarism in written assignments. 

Through core API integration, Elentra and Turnitin come together to provide users direct access to world-leading text similarity checking software. Turnitin Similarity ensures medical students learn proper quote attribution and avoid plagiarism, making it easier for them to excel in their courses and develop their writing skills.

Additionally, Turnitin Similarity helps educators verify the originality of students’ written work. The similarity checker removes the need for instructors to manually comb through each submitted paper verifying that the work is free from plagiarism. 

Turnitin Similarity automatically compares the submissions against an expansive database of documents and web pages. Once scanned, Turnitin provides a color-coded similarity report, allowing instructors to quickly explore the sources of any matching text.

The end result is that educators can reduce the amount of time spent grading student work by refining the list of papers that require more detailed checks. It also shows what errors students are making when citing sources. This makes it easier to hone in on and explain away any confusion surrounding citations.

“We strive to offer institutions the highest level of quality applications,” says Anthony Roggeveen, Elentra’s Director of Solution Integration. “That is why we are so pleased to partner with Turnitin and join them on their mission of giving schools the tools to more easily ensure academic integrity.”

Turnitin is excited to join efforts with Elentra in its mission to educate future healthcare professionals.

“Through our partnership with Elentra, Turnitin will provide healthcare instructors the tools to help their students excel in their academic writing,” said Jason Chu, Director, Partner Success at Turnitin. ”We appreciate the support and structure Elentra provides academic institutions that specialize in medical education. We look forward to assisting in their mission by making academic integrity easier to achieve.” 

Interested in using Turnitin Similarity with Elentra at your institution? Contact Turnitin to learn more. 

About Turnitin

Turnitin partners with institutions worldwide to foster original thinking and support authentic learning. Turnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, and improve outcomes across educational levels and content areas. Turnitin leverages cutting-edge technology to provide tools that prevent plagiarism, deliver formative and summative feedback, surface actionable reporting, and investigate academic misconduct. Turnitin serves over 15,000 institutions globally and is headquartered in Oakland, Calif., with international offices in the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Korea, India, and throughout Latin America.

To learn more about Turnitin, click here.

About Elentra

Elentra is an innovative teaching and learning platform that helps institutions prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals. Benefits of the platform included curriculum mapping, real-time, competency-based assessment, online exam proctoring, and adaptive learning tools. Learn how Elentra is becoming a medical education leader here.

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