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A Passion for Tech Start-ups

Elentra’s new Senior Implementation Lead Carly Duncan loves the excitement and hustle of working at a start-up.

“I spent six years at a start-up where I wore many different hats–everything from Implementation & Onboarding, to Training and Support, and then finally Customer Success. I am a certified QA tester and spent a year doing UA testing and some API Testing. I have been in a Product Manager role for the last two years. I was PM for two pods consisting of about eight developers and was responsible for four products.

“I really enjoy the fast-paced environment of a start-up that is rapidly scaling up. That is what attracted me to Elentra. It is poised to really ‘hockey stick’ and experience exponential growth, and I want to be part of it. I think the Ed Tech, in general, is a really exciting space.”

Carly lives in Winnipeg with her partner and their two-year-old daughter. She has found working remotely during the pandemic to be liberating and productive, and she is looking forward to continuing.

Carly was just accepted into the MBA program at the University of Manitoba and will be attending classes part-time this fall.

Welcome, Carly!

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