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Your reporting and analytics are going to get a whole lot more compelling!

Elentra’s new data visualization capabilities are on the horizon

“We are so excited about the new reports and dashboards that Elentra’s users are going to be able to take advantage of, “says Elentra’s Director of Product, Carly Duncan. “This will make our platform head and shoulders above the competition.”

Working with members of the Elentra user community, Carly’s team has been planning and developing these new capabilities for the last several months. They will be launched in a three-phase approach, with phase one targeted for the beginning of the year.

“With the first phase,” Carly explains, “we will be rolling out new data visualizations for reports and dashboards for learners, faculty, and administrators. These will be based on our consultations with our user community and the specific needs of those groups.

“In the second phase, we will roll out new capabilities for users to generate their own unique customized reports with dynamic filters. Allowing our users the freedom to slice, dice, and present their data as they wish. “In the third phase, we will be rolling out contextual analytics peppered throughout the platform. For example, if you’re in the grade book and want to see how a student performed on a particular assessment year over year and create a visually impactful report, you will be able to. This will allow people to have more context in their reporting.

“Based on the work we have done developing our comprehensive product road map, this is a natural evolution for Elentra. I am excited to see how our community uses these new capabilities.”

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