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Elentra Achieves SOC 2® Compliance and TX-RAMP Provisional Certification Ensuring Unparalleled Data Security for Higher Education Institutions

Elentra proudly celebrates recent milestones in data security, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in delivering secure and reliable services to higher education institutions. By adding its SOC 2 Type 2 compliance report, and the prestigious TX-RAMP (Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program) provisional certification to its GDPR certification, Elentra demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safeguarding sensitive data.

Elentra’s successful SOC 2 compliance report underscores the company’s dedication to secure operations and data privacy. The comprehensive examination thoroughly assesses Elentra’s controls, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data. By conducting annual SOC 2 examinations by external auditors, Elentra prioritizes maintaining the highest standards of data security and service delivery for its valued clients.

Elentra’s achievement of the TX-RAMP certification extends its commitment to data security in medical education. Designed for students and preceptors in medical schools and beyond, Elentra’s platform now empowers users to revolutionalize their learning and teaching experiences with advanced security operations and practices.

With SOC 2 compliance and TX-RAMP certification, Elentra ensures unparalleled data security for higher education institutions. Safeguarding sensitive information of students, faculty, and staff, the platform establishes a foundation of trust and confidence with its clients.  

Elentra’s relentless efforts in implementing effective data security controls, diligent monitoring, and regular operational procedure updates guarantee minimal service disruptions and prompt support during issues. By achieving SOC 2 compliance and TX-Ramp certification, Elentra exemplifies its dedication to delivering secure, reliable, and innovative services to clients and stakeholders alike.

Elentra’s completion of SOC 2 and TX-RAMP certification marks a significant milestone in data security for both higher education and medical institutions. With an unyielding commitment to safeguarding sensitive data and delivering exceptional service, Elentra has solidified its position as a pioneering leader in the higher education technology solution industry. Clients and stakeholders can be assured that Elentra’s platforms offer unmatched data security, paving the way for transformative learning experiences in the field of health sciences education. 

For more information about SOC2 or TX-RAMP compliance and data protection, please contact Anthony Roggeveen, Director of Product Development @ [email protected]   

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