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Elentra Engage 2021

Elentra Engage 2021, where the community becomes our network. Sponsored by the Elentra Consortium, this annual invitational event brings together faculty, administration, and technical staff from international medical schools and health sciences programs to provide a rich educational, leadership, and networking experience.

Online Sep 29th–Oct 1st 2021 More Info about Elentra Engage 2021
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Software Engineer and Support Analyst Paul Bilodeau is excited about the opportunity to grow his career at Elentra
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Only 26 days until Elentra’s annual Engage Community Conference, featuring keynote speaker @lianedavey, and her address: "Change Has Changed: How to Thrive in Times of Perpetual Change."
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Jennifer Nelson joins Elentra as Enterprise Account Executive
Why Elentra?
“It provided an excellent opportunity for me to bring my knowledge of, and experience in, the health care education space to a start-up that clearly has so much potential” #edtech

“With the platform’s robust strength in Dynamic Competency-Based Education,” Gill says, “You have the potential to adapt any company’s or organization’s business rules to the platform.”
Find out more about why Sartaj joined the Elentra team:
#meded #CBME

Did you know that Elentra has partnered with @Turnitin?
Elentra users now have access to Turnitin Similarity and benefit from its protection against potential plagiarism in written assignments #EdTechMonday
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Elentra’s new Senior Implementation Lead Carly Duncan brings a passion for start ups. “I really enjoy the fast-paced environment of a start-up that is rapidly scaling up,” she says. “That is what attracted me to Elentra.”
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