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Why I chose Elentra

“In my experience, Elentra is a very rare start-up with an extraordinary culture and an outstanding team of people,” says Senior Software Engineer Dave Smith.

“Elentra puts family first. I have several family members with special needs. My youngest son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Elentra’s flexibility has made it possible for me to attend every one of his appointments at Kingston Health Science’s oncology unit. At Elentra, I can develop my career while caring for my family. This means a lot to me.

“When I am at the hospital, the attending physicians all know Elentra, and many have been users, reinforcing for me that my work positively impacts health care education and thus on society in general.

“Like all start-ups, there are times when the team must put in long hours, but the camaraderie here is terrific, and we all know that our ideas and contributions are valued and have an impact.

“Elentra is the place where I plan to spend my career.”

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