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Rich Integration With Mediasite

Integrating Mediasite into Elentra gives users instant access to course video within learning events. Elentra’s clean, modern interface with streamlined workflows lets faculty and students launch Mediasite captured lectures directly within Elentra. The combined power of Elentra with Mediasite means all learning event videos have a central, secure home benefiting from Mediasite’s engagement tools, security, and analytics.

  • Learning Event Scheduling: Scheduling learning events in Elentra is quick and easy. Once scheduled, Mediasite is made aware of the learning events that should be recorded via a deep Application Programming Interface (API) integration, meaning that users don’t have to schedule the recording in Mediasite – saving them valuable time. Once the event is recorded and published in Mediasite, Elentra attaches the recording to the learning event as a resource for use after class.
  • Curriculum Mapping: Elentra’s powerful curriculum mapping capabilities allow Elentra customers to tag their learning events with exactly what is being taught so that they know exactly what was taught and when. The curriculum tags are searchable within Elentra via the Curriculum Explorer, Curriculum Search, and Curriculum Matrix, providing faculty, staff and students an easy way to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Protect and streamline video access: Not every video is meant for everyone. Support for single sign-on means students and faculty use existing Elentra logins to access and watch videos within Elentra.

“I cannot express how much time is being saved by the integration of Mediasite into Elentra. Thank you for making lecture capture so much more manageable. Honestly, this is one of my favorite features of Elentra,” Melissa Tedder, East Carolina University, Brody School of Medicine.

“To put it simply, the new Mediasite-Elentra integration puts video where it makes the most sense for students,” said Bill Cherne, VP of Customer Success and Support, Mediasite. “We pride ourselves in how seamlessly Mediasite works with technologies like LMSs, conferencing systems and accessibility tools that schools are already using. Our top priority is ensuring an engaging and collaborative learning experience for our users, and we are excited about our latest integration with Elentra.” 

Mediasite is a highly-automated and integrated video platform that facilitates hybrid learning in this new digital-first world. Learn more at 

“We are excited to have developed this integration with Mediasite to supplement the existing power and flexibility Elentra offers. It provides our customers with an exceptional and seamless video experience,” said Andrew Dos-Santos, Elentra.

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