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New UX/UI Designer brings a lot to the table

Irem Ozekes, Elentra’s newest UX/UI Designer, brings a wealth of experience. She worked at one of Canada’s leaders in Electronic Health Records, where she was the lead designer in charge of improving user experience in their payment, billing and insurance modules. She has worked at the University of British Columbia, where she also obtained a degree in Cognitive Systems, studying how people interact with digital platforms.

Irem’s background made her an ideal candidate to join the Elentra team. She started in early September, and her skills were quickly put to good use working on the interface for new competency-based modules being developed for the University of Calgary.

“I am enjoying the work,” Irem explains. “It is challenging, and I like that.”

“I think Elentra is positioned well in an exciting problem space. I think the pandemic has made it clear that many schools lack the infrastructure required to educate and evaluate their health science students. I see huge growth potential, especially in the US.”

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