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Meet Elentra’s Scrum Master!

“I look at the role of the Scrum Master as being a bit of an umbrella for my team, “explains Senior Software Engineer, and Elentra’s Scrum Master, Andrew Trebble. “My role is to guide the team through the Agile methodology for software development, while at the same time shielding them from any distractions or impediments.” Scrums are daily meetings the team has while working on a particular issue or phase of development, known as a Sprint. The Scrum Master facilitates these meetings.

While Andrew only joined the Elentra team on August 26th, he has been a certified Scrum Master for five years.

Elentra is the perfect place to follow the Agile process, Andrew says, especially as it is poised for a period of rapid growth, and he is keen to see how his training can help.

“I have enjoyed what I have seen of the culture here. It is very relaxed and supportive. I am eager to be part of Elentra’s future.

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