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Making sure it all fits together, right

“My role,” explains Dave Meikle, Elentra’s Application Architect, “is to make sure that when we are developing our software, the folks doing the actual writing of software have all the information they need to ensure all the components connect and function properly.”

And Dave knows what he is talking about, as he has been working in this role for over fifteen years for a number of organizations.

“I liken it to making sure that we have a complete blueprint of what we are developing,” Dave says. “How do various databases talk to each other? What security protocols do we implement? What steps can be taken to speed things up with new advances in software systems? How can we make the system rock solid? If you were building a house, you could ask someone to build you a door, but they need to know what floor it is on, whether it is near a window, what is the style of the building, and how many inches from the wall should it be.

“Our developers are very talented, and to aid in their solid effort, we need someone to take that 10,000-foot view and ensure it will all work together efficiently. We are making sure that all the different components flow together. When it is well planned out for everyone, they can write code quickly and efficiently without many changes as we iterate through our development process. It’s like I’m laying out the track for the train as it moves forward.

“Working from that altitude also allows me to see areas where we can improve efficiencies and automate processes. Let’s write things once and do so in a way that what we write is reusable and expandable.

“And finally, my role is to document it all so we can keep drawing this blueprint and building a rock-solid platform for our users. We want this software to last for years to come.”

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