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Elentra is proud to announce David Meikle has joined the team as a Senior Developer

“I have been coding since I was 12,” explains David Meikle, Elentra’s new Senior Developer. “When I was a kid, you couldn’t peel my fingers from the keyboard.”

Now David is bringing his passion for coding and his 20 years of extensive experience as a senior developer to Elentra. “What attracted me to Elentra was the supportive, team-based culture,” says David.

“A friend told me that Anthony (Roggeveen, Elentra’s Director of Solution Integration) was looking for people, and I had a few chats with Anthony. I was impressed. He told me, ‘everyone codes differently, and we want to make sure this is a good fit and that you’ll be happy as part of our team.’

“This sounded perfect. Coding can be a very solitary activity, and I enjoy that, but I also value a collaborative, positive environment.”

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