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Elentra is a great place to carve out your career

“We’re a young company entering a period of rapid growth,” explains Elentra Software Engineer and Support Analyst Paul Bilodeau. “This means there are plenty of opportunities to grow alongside the company.”

Where would he like to see his career in five years?

“A big part of my role is answering support requests through our ticketing system. This has given me a profound knowledge of the platform, and it has also provided me with a clear picture of where the ‘pain points’ most often arise for our customers.

“I can see taking that experience and, as the number of our users grow, perhaps leading a team of support analysts. I can also see evolving into a business analyst role, continually improving Elentra and our customers’ experience.

“Either way, I am excited to see what the future holds for both Elentra and myself.”

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