What are we doing for CBME?

Our CBME assessment system allows programs to upload program specific EPAs and map those to relevant milestones and specific assessment criteria. This complex data architecture facilitates the dynamic generation of EPA specific assessment tools in real-time when a resident or faculty member triggers an assessment in the clinical environment.

CBME Assessment Form

Stage Progress

Overall resident progress in EPA achievement is functionally displayed on the Resident Dashboard grouped by Stages of Development along the Development Continuum.

CBME Stages

Assessment Trend Charts

Residents, their Academic Advisors, and Program Directors can examine performance patterns across multiple assessments completed for a single EPA with our Assessment Trend Charts. They can also drill down into the charts, pull up and review specific assessment forms that have contributed to the displayed trend.

CBME Trend Chart


Adopting a user-centred approach, we’ve created dashboards to facilitate the display and interpretation of assessment data for residents, their academic advisors, program directors and administrators, and competence committee members.

In addition to comprehensive filtering, summarizing, and report generation functionalities, users have the ability to ’pinʼ specific assessments for review by others, log meetings, and upload additional program requirements (e.g., conference abstracts, project report, etc.).

Resident Dashboard

Resident Dashboard

Competence Dashboard

Competence Dashboard

Detailed Filters

Our CBME assessment system also has extensive search capabilities through a detailed filter feature. This functionality allows Residents, their Academic Advisors, and Program Directors to query performance information by for instance, CanMEDs Roles, diagnoses, case complexity, clinical setting, and numerous additional contextual variables.

CBME Filters

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